Veteran Mobile Outreach Program


To support the mission and vision of the VCCC by going into rural/remote areas of our community to:

  • promote suicide prevention through education and training,
  • enhance veterans access to health care and mental health care by promoting and assisting veterans in applying for VA benefits,
  • provide the bridge of communication between our rural veteran community and available resources that may enhance their lives,
  • to foster working relationships between rural veteran communities and resource providers/agencies.


Veteran suicide rates as reported by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been between 17-20 veteran deaths per day from suicide. In 2018 the VA Department of Rural health began a program called Together With Veterans to combat the problem at the grassroots level (see our About page on this website). In order to better disseminate information and to reach the remote, rural areas of Carteret County, The VCCC has established a program whereby volunteers from within the organization will be able to travel to given sites, provide information to and be able to talk directly to veterans, veterans dependents and/or other concerned friends and family members about seeking help.

To see where we will be, look for MVOT events on our calendar:

We feel the best way to reach the greatest number of veterans is by using an enclosed utility trailer outfitted with veterans’ benefits information, suicide prevention information, and to provide a highly visible mobile canteen-like concept for reaching veterans in rural areas and to be used on site for any type of veterans’ assistance public event.

The trailer is known as the Mobile Veteran Outreach Program Trailer (MVOT).

The MVOT is outfitted with a small generator to provide power for lighting, AC, a coffee pot and microwave oven. A canopy can be set up at any site and there are tables and chairs available to set out and for veterans to stop by just to chat. Any and all information/services provided are free to veterans and their family members. 

Volunteer partners are needed to man the MVOT and to take it to various locations throughout the county. The program is designed to have the MVOT at certain locations on a regular schedule (the number of locations and periodicity will depend upon the number of volunteers available). If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at [email protected], and place VMOP in the subject line.

The MVOT will be outfitted with information about veteran suicide prevention, veteran benefits, veteran service organizations and other informational materials to help veterans in need or crisis.


To provide a veteran-friendly place for veterans of all ages and services to be able to just have a conversation with other veterans, request assistance or help in gaining access to veterans’ benefits or to just enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack and maybe share their experiences and knowledge with other veterans.


Ensure that veterans in remote/rural areas have access to and the opportunity to learn about suicide prevention protocols and to ensure that all veterans be made aware of and how to gain access to organizations providing services and support to veterans and their families!

A mission statement, on the other hand, describes what an organization does and for whom. In addition, it can also state the benefit or benefits provided by the organization. In the case of the BBC, it is ‘to enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain’

To educate veterans and their families about suicide prevention protocols and ensure that the community as a whole is aware of suicide prevention resources.

To improve the lives of veterans and their families by ensuring that they have access to veteran benefits and by providing information for access to resources that are available to enhance their everyday life.